Monthly Training

The CZ Mustangs Training program offers monthly training for any breed of horse, with various options for the horses owner to choose from. Cat primarily offers anywhere from 30-120 day training periods, but can customize the timeframe to the owner's needs.

CZ Mustangs currently limits the monthly training spots at 5 horses per month. This fills up fast, and usually books a couple weeks ahead of time, so if you are looking to book a spot for your horse, get in touch with us as soon as you can.

Training is dedicated but not limited to:

  • Mustang Gentling and Development

  • Ground Handling and Respect

  • Colt Starting

  • Undersaddle Development

  • Obstacle Work

  • Liberty and Trick Training

For questions regarding training, availability, costs, and more, please email Cat at

Lessons and Clinics

Cat Zimmerman teaches lessons to the public at our facility in Archer, Florida year-round. Clients can bring their own horse to work together with Cat, have Cat work with their horse, or use one of Cat's.

This is geared towards:

  • Liberty

  • Trick Training

  • Bridleless Riding

  • Obstacle Training

  • Groundhandling

  • Riding Lessons

Cat will have clinics at our facility in Florida starting in the Winter of 2020, all throughout next year, and will begin traveling to facilities in 2021.

Expo clinic dates will be announced over the next several months.

Lesson and clinic inquiries can be directed to

Cat Zimmerman is an approved trainer through the Mustang Heritage Foundation's Trainer Incentive Program (TIP). This program allows for mustangs with basic gentling and handling to be available for adoption for $125. 

Every year, Cat competes in the Extreme Mustang Makeover or Mustang TIP Challenge,

a competition and program in which trainers have 90-120 days to train a wild mustang, either inhand or under-saddle. Following the competition, Cat's competition mustangs are available for private adoption or available through public auction.

For more information on the TIP program and how to adopt a mustang through this program, Cat can be contacted at

TIP Training and Extreme         Mustang Makeover


Over the past 4 years, Cat Zimmerman has gentled 4 mustangs for us. They have been varied in their ages, temperaments and in their physical and emotional needs. At the conclusion of their time with her, they came to us easily handled, calm and healthy.

Cat has an incredible talent for determining the best regimen for each individual horse’s needs, in all regards. She is kind, patient, smart, professional and an expert in her approach. She has aided us in transportation, vet, dental and farrier visits. She is a wonderful communicator and her facilities are clean, spacious and peaceful.

I would recommend her to anyone in need of her services.


If you're looking for a mustang to add to your family I highly recommend Cat!!! She puts a phenomenal foundation and training on her horses. I could not be happier with the mare I got from her! She is upfront and completely honest about her horses quirks and all. All the horses are healthy and happy. Also the facility is lovely! 12 out of 10 I'd purchase from Cat again!

Cat has a gift or maybe Cat IS a gift! I’ve watched her demonstrations, had lessons with her, and am continually amazed at her ability to teach both humans and horses along with her desire to keep learning and growing. Thanks Cat!

Cat Zimmerman is one of THE MOST dedicated and hard working young ladies I have ever known. She is self taught and is constantly learning. She has earned the trust of some of the most timid Mustangs. She is more than willing to devote her time and energy to teach others her craft. She devoted an entire summer to help 14 year old daughter adopt and gentle her own BLM Mustang. She loves to show others the beauty, intelligence and loyality the Mustang is capable of. Cat Zimmerman is simply amazing.