Cat Zimmerman is an 19 year old horse trainer residing in Archer, Florida.

Cat started her journey with horses at the age of 3, when she started taking riding lessons at a riding school in New Jersey. Cat spent 12 years riding and showing Hunter/Jumper and Eventing, but was quickly absorbed into a whole different side of the horse world...


Cat has been working with wild mustangs since 2015, when she competed in her first Extreme Mustang Makeover competition with her mustang Monche. That competition and mustang are what gave her the "mustang bug" and set her on the path of working with mustangs.

Cat has competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover or Mustang Heritage TIP Challenge events annually, ever since her first competition in 2015. Since starting her journey with mustangs in 2015, Cat has won six 100-Day Training competitons, as well as several Mustang Open competitions. 

Cat trains horses full-time out of CZ Mustangs; gentling and developing mustangs for clients, training and rehabilitating mustangs for the CZ Mustangs Rescue, and TIP Training for the Mustang Heritage Foundation. While her mission and passion lies within helping mustangs and spreading awareness to the breed, she enjoys helping horses of all kinds to set them on the right path.

Cat and her personal team of mustangs travel the country performing liberty, trick, and bridleless performances to showcase their trainability and beauty, and spread awareness to the American Mustang. 

  • 2021 Young Gun Champion, Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover

  • 2021 Horsemanship Reserve Champion, Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover

  • ​2021 Fan Favorite, Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover

  • 2020 Champion, Georgia TIP Challenge (Adult Division)

  • 2020 Champion, Extreme Mustang Makeover (Youth Division) in Texas

  • 2019 Champion, Las Vegas TIP Challenge (Youth Division) in Nevada

  • 2019 Champion, Open Competition (In-Hand Division) in Georgia

  • 2019 Champion, Freestyle Competition in Georgia

  • 2019 Reserved Champion, Extreme Mustang Makeover (Youth Division) in Florida

  • 2019 Fan Favorite, Midwest Horse Fair TIP Challenge in Wisconsin

  • 2019 Top Ten Finalist, Midwest Horse Fair TIP Challenge in Wisconsin*

  • 2018 Champion, TIP Challenge (Youth Division) in Georgia

  • 2018 Champion, Extreme Mustang Makeover (Youth Division) in Kentucky

  • 2017 Champion, Extreme Mustang Makeover (Youth Division) in Massachusetts

  • 2017 Champion, Open Competition (Walk/Trot Division) in Texas

  • 2017 Champion, Open Competition (In-Hand Division) in Kentucky

  • 2017 Reserved Champion, Midwest Horse Fair Star Search (Youth Division) in Wisconsin

  • 2015 Top Ten Finalist, Extreme Mustang Makeover (Youth Division) in Massachusetts*

    *Fourth Place Overall


What is CZ Mustangs?


CZ Mustangs, est. 2017, is a 501c3 Non-Profit Mustang Rescue and Training Facility located in Archer, Florida run by Cat Zimmerman and Sarah Price.

CZ Mustangs Rescue is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating mustangs that have wound up in bad situations. Mustangs in the rescue either move to the sanctuary division, to live out the rest of their days under the care of CZ Mustangs, or they go through the Training program with head trainer Cat Zimmerman to find a forever home. The rescue is run solely through our family, with the help of sponsors and donations.

CZ Mustangs Training is a horse training division through Cat Zimmerman, dedicated to helping horses and owners develop a better connection and sense of comfort together.

CZ Mustangs Training strives to help horses get the education they need to be a trusting and reliable partner, as well as help owners learn to be a better guiding hand to their horse.