OUR mission

Our mission at CZ Mustangs is to educate the public, not only of the story of the mustangs... but the trainability, beauty, and capability of the breed as well. Between Cat and her team traveling to events all over the country to perform and demonstrate, and events at our home base, we strive to bring awareness to the mustang in every way we can.

CZ Mustangs also empathizes on helping mustangs in need; those that have wound up in bad situations, providing a soft landing for horses in need of rehabilitation and sanctuary.

Why mustangs?

The wild mustangs need us now more than ever. These historic symbols of the West are amazing creatures that deserve America's attention, and CZ Mustangs is dedicated to promoting the breed and their captivating spirit in any way we can.

How do i get involved?

There are many different programs available for the public to get involved with the mustangs. If you are interested in learning more, adopting, or following the programs, click below.

Thank you to our sponsors and partners!

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